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Our family has spent much of the last 50 years exploring and working in Yellowstone Country.  We love this part of the country and want others to experience it as we do.  Since opening a Bed and Breakfast in the area, we have come to understand that detailed and unbiased information is hard to find.  Our primary objective is to provide unsponsored local information for visitors to the area, so that you can better plan and prioritize an adventure to Yellowstone Country.

Please read a little of our planning guide, and for more information on us and our objectives, please read about us.
Why do we focus so much on planning?   Yellowstone Country has the unique claim to having the largest concentration of geysers and thermal features in the world located in an unspoiled area of the Rocky Mountains. This, combined with the largest concentration of large, native wildlife in the lower forty-eight states, draws over 4 million visitors each year from all around the world. Most visitors come to Yellowstone Country between mid-May and September 30. While the total population of all gateway cities plus the year- round staff at Yellowstone Park is only about 40,000 people, during the peak months, close to 1 million people each month will pass through the gates of Yellowstone Park. This means that area services and accommodations are operating at maximum capacity.  In order to take full advantage of this unique opportunity to experience the wonders of Yellowstone Park and the surrounding area, some advance planning is necessary to make your trip more enjoyable. We hope the information provided enhances your visit to scenic, spectacular, magnificent Yellowstone Country which we call home.

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